This artist's rendering of the roundhouse is a part of the Feasibility Study commissioned by the City of Crestline. It is only one idea and is not necessarily what the roundhouse will look like when it has been refurbished. It is virtually as it is presently, except for the upper story windows replaced by the murals and PRR Keystone. The mural on the right is a depiction of the S-2 steam turbine engine (6-8-6 #6200) on the turntable. The Crestline roundhouse was the home for this one of a kind experimental locomotive, one of the reasons this roundhouse is a special place. The lefthand mural is difficult to discern, but could be a K-4 passenger locomotive (4-6-2), a classic, and one of the most famous steam engines on the PRR. This engine would have been seen here throughout the steam era.

One of the uses the roundhouse will have is that of a museum, showing the history of the engine facilities and yards through photographs, documents, and other items as they relate to Crestline and the PRR, and perhaps static displays of PRR equipment should any become available. This is the hope and dream of the owner, of Crestline, of the Crestline Roundhouse Preservation Society, and railfans everywhere. (Courtesy of the City of Crestline)