This is a rare photograph of the original servicing facilities in Crestline taken from the roof of the Union Station c. 1897, looking southwest. The two story brick building in the center is the car shop building, the second floor housed the master mechanic's office, shop clerk's office, and the tin shop. Immediatly south of the car shops is the boiler shop, and behind it are the machine and blacksmith's shops. Lurking behind these buildings is the roundhouse. Also, note the interchange between the CCC&StL RR and the PFW&C RR. In the bottom left corner is the Crestline interlocking tower, owned and operated by the CCC&StL RR. Beside the tower and next to the tracks is the crossing guard's shanty. Since there was a guard stationed here at the Thoman St. crossing, this indicates that there was a lot of train traffic through town. (Photo by Abram T. Frye)