This is probably the most well known photograph of the Crestline engine facilities, taken on July 13, 1947. At first glance it looks very much like the early 1940's photo, but there are several changes. The most obvious difference is the brick addition for the S-1 on stall #30. Parked outside the stall is the S-1. It is out of service now, note that the tender's coal bunker appears to be empty. There are some alterations to the roundhouse's service tracks, and the approach to the back of stall #30 has been added. There is quite a variety of engines on the circle tracks, an H class, K-4s, M-1s, possibly a couple J-1s, and possibly L and I classes as well. Who knows what's in the roundhouse? Most likely, there are some T-1s in there. Although the Q-2 would be on the property now, I don't see any. The wreck train is clearly visible, with what appears to be a 120 ton derrick. The derrick was replaced by 1949 with a 250 ton derrick (one of 5 on the PRR) and I recall seeing a tender in the train in the early 1960s. In the bottom right corner is the stock pen, which was not owned by the PRR. Any guesses as to what the verticle boiler is for? (Photo by Glendale Hoffman)