Aerial view of the roundhouse and yards, early 1940's. In this view you get a good sense of what the facilities were like in its heyday. On the far right is the eastward classification yard, next to that, the mainline goes through the middle of yards. To the left of the mainline is the westward receiving yard. Where the mainline makes an "S" curve at the east throat of the yards, you can barely make out the coal dock. Under the smoke screen in the center of the picture are the ready tracks, where the engines sit fired up after they have been serviced in the roundhouse, waiting to be dispatched. Just below the ready tracks in the center of the photo is the wreck train. You can also easily see other features on the property such as the oil house and two standard PRR 50,000 gallon water tanks. I wish the photo was clear enough to make out the engines on the circle tracks! (Shunk Museum)