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Original Facility
Passenger Stations and YMCA
Steam at Crestline
Diesels at Crestline
Non-Revenue Equipment


Foundation Construction
Framework Construction
Inspection Pits Construction
Ash Pits Construction
Powerhouse Construction

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Original Facility

Original Facilities, c. 1897
Original Roundhouse
K-28 #7067 Waiting at Coal Tipple
Car Shop 1
Car Shop 2

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Passenger Stations and YMCA

Union Station, 1854
Union Depot and D class engine, 1909
Union Depot, c. 1911
Union Depot, c. 1914
Union Station 1, 1917
Union Station 2, 1917
Union Station
Crestline Railroad YMCA

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Steam at Crestline

H10, #8290 Under Smoke Jack
H10 on the Turntable  
K28 #7067 at station, c. 1915
J1 at Roundhouse  
K4 #5402 on Turntable
K4#7334(?) in Turntable Pit
K4 #3736 Near Ash Pits  
M1a, #6785 at Station
M1a in Turntable Pit
M1a Eastbound
N1s #7342
Q1, #6130 at Chicago
Q2, #6177 and #6194 on Circle Track
Q2, #6180 at Station
Q2 #6194 Near Coal Dock
Q2 #6194 at Roundhouse
RH Crew on Q2 #6176
S1 #6100 Leaving Crestline Station  
S1 at Chicago, #6100
S2 on Turntable, #6200
S2 #6200 in Storage, 1949
T1 #5501
T-1 Tender, #5517
T1 and Turntable, #5501
T1 on Circle Track, #5501

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Diesels at Crestline

E-7 #4219
E-8 #4301
Diesel Sanding Facility
F-7 at Sanding Facility
Diesel Shed Seen from Roundhouse Roof, 1967
Diesel Shed Seen from Powerhouse Roof, 1967
Diesel Shed, 1967
Diesel Shed Interior, 1977
Baldwin Shark 1, 1964
Baldwin Shark 2, 1964
Baldwin Shark 3, 1964
Baldwin Shark 4, 1964
Baldwin Shark 5, 1964
Cabless GP-9B #3830, 1967
Alco Century #6304, 1967
Alco Century #6326, 1967
EMD SD-45 #6109 at Fueling Station, 1967
EMD SD-45 #6109 at Fueling Station 2, 1967
GE U-25-C # 6505 at Fueling Station, 1967

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Non-Revenue Equipment

100 Ton Derrick, 1967
Wreck Train Tender, 1967
M of W Tender, 1967

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As the years go by, the roundhouse continues to deteriorate. The building is NOT safe to enter. If you visit the roundhouse, do not go inside, there are many dangers from unsafe places on the floor, parts of the ceiling falling, and debris. Remember that this is private property.

Roundhouse and Yards, early 1940's
Roundhouse Garden
Roundhouse, 1947
Coal Dock  
Roundhouse and turntable, 1967
Turntable, 1964
Turntable 2, 1964
Turntable, 1988
Aerial View of Roundhouse, 1. July 4, 2002
Aerial View of Roundhouse, 2. July 4, 2002
Aerial View of Roundhouse, 1. September 6, 2002
Aerial View of Roundhouse, 2. September 6, 2002
Aerial View of Roundhouse, 3. September 6, 2002
Signal Bridge at East Throat of Yards, 1977
T-1 Extension
Water Tank
Roundhouse Interior 1, 1983
Roundhouse Interior 2, 1983
Roundhouse Interior 3, 1996
Bulletin Board, 2000
Stall Extension
Machine Shop Interior
Powerhouse Interior
Oak "Brick" Floor
Drop Pit
Traveling Crane Rail Support
Ladder to Traveling Crane
Smoke Hood
Smoke Hoods
Diesel Part No. On Wall
Roundhouse Exterior 1
Roundhouse Exterior 2
Powerhouse, 2001
Smoke Stack Remains

This group of photos is a walking tour around the exterior of the roundhouse starting at the Bucyrus St. entrance going around the west side and ending up back on Bucyrus St.

Bucyrus St. Entrance, 2000
Bucyrus St. Stall Extentions, 2000
Warehouse, 2000
Warehouse and Machine Shop 1, 2000
Warehouse and Machine Shop 2, 2000
Machine Shop, 2000
Entrance Between Warehouse and Machine Shop , 2000
Rear Entrance to Stall #29, 2000
Rear of West End 1, 2000
Rear of West End 2, 2000
Rear Entrance, Stall #30, 2000
West End, Stall #30, 1, 2000
West End, Stall #30, 2, 2000
West End, Stall #30, 3, 2000
Inner Circle from the West, 2000
T1 Extentions, West End, 2000
T1 Extentions, East End, 2000
East End, 2000
East End, Office and Service Building 2000
Powerhouse, 2000
Outer Stall Extentions, Stalls #2-6, 2000
Powerhouse, From Across Bucyrus St., 2001
View from across Bucyrus St., 2001

This group of photos shows both exterior and interior views. These photos were taken in March, 2004, a light snow was falling.

View from Warehouse
Looking into Stall #30
Generator Room
Hallway to Service Building
Dispatcher's Office
Engineman's Locker Room
Roundhouse, Looking West

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